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Photo of Michelle Szot

Michelle Szot

General Manager

As a kid, Michelle had a knack for working the crowd at family parties. That love of hosting explains the welcoming vibe at Split-Rail, where she oversees the front of house. Michelle thought art was her calling, but after graduating with degrees in art history and French from the University of Connecticut, she had a chance encounter with a friend outside a country club that led to her first restaurant gig in 2009. Before reuniting with Zoe at Split-Rail — the two first clicked at Ada Street — Michelle spent time at Kingston Mines, Grange Hall Burger Bar and Queen Mary, honing her management skills and her passion for craft cocktails. In naming Split-Rail’s drinks, she pulls from all corners of pop culture (true-crime podcasts, ‘90s sitcoms, “Dirty Dancing”). Her cats’ names are Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.