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Photo of Jon Rienzo

Jon Rienzo

Sous Chef

If Jon hadn’t taken that one cooking class in high school and if the food he cooked didn’t taste so good, he would’ve been a marine biologist. No, really. The Chicago native was taking the requisite coursework at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin and cooking for fun, mostly for the benefit of his hungry friends, when he realized he’d rather cook full-time. He left Lawrence for Le Cordon Bleu, graduated in 2012 and was hired by Zoe at Ada Street, where he went from prep cook to line cook to lead line cook. After a brief stint at an aquarium maintenance company (he still loves fish), Jon again joined Zoe at Split-Rail in 2017. While guest satisfaction is his top priority, he continues to pester her about installing a 9-foot aquarium somewhere in the restaurant.