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Off the Table- Demystifying Cooking + Connection

June 14, 2020 05:00 PM until January 01, 2021 05:00 PM

Off the Table will explore different topics and techniques every week with the goal to create a more overall engaging dinner experience. Whether you're quarantining together or flying solo, this guided and interactive cooking and dining experience will begin by teaching you basic cooking skills (including making dinner for that night!) and will end with you participating in a more thoughtful and incisive approach to the evening as a whole.

Each week Chef Zoe Schor will lead you in an interactive video cooking class (cohosted by Whitney LaMora) where she will teach you new techniques, give you pro tips, and answer your questions in real time. Off the Table seeks not just to guide you through making one dish, but to teach culinary skills that can be applied to future meals and ingredients.

Each week alongside the live culinary lesson and execution, your kit will include simple yet impactful immersive engagement options for you, your dining partner and / or your home. LaMora's background in building immersive theatre experiences will translate to guided prompts and exercises which harken back to the themes and lessons of the culinary techniques and resulting meal.

Each week the experiences will change along with the menus- and for those who purchase all four weeks, there will be an added engagement to last the month with the goal being to kickoff a habit of reflection and appreciation for the space, time, and nourishment you're choosing to take part in. Have no fear- these practices are meant to bring joy and connection to your overall experience and are built with everyone in mind.

Engage, learn, and ask questions- tonight, nothing is off the table.

June 14- Demystifying Fish Cookery
June 21- Father's Day! Demystifying Whole Roast Chicken
June 28- Demystifying the World of Handmade Pasta
July 5- Demystifying Salads